Türkiye - W17 EHF Championship 2023

Ankara, the capital city of Türkiye, will host the W17 EHF Championship 2023 on 5-13 August.

Foreword of EHF President Michael Wiederer

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Ankara, the vibrant capital of Türkiye, is a bustling metropolis with a population of approximately 6 million. This dynamic city proudly showcases a plethora of sports organisations, making it a hub for sports enthusiasts and athletes alike. Beyond its athletic prowess, the city holds a cherished historical place, preserving ancient landmarks and cultural treasures that offer a captivating glimpse into Türkiye's storied past. Whether you seek the excitement of urban life or the allure of history, Ankara promises an enriching experience for every visitor.


Venue: THF Sports Complex

Capacity: 2,090 seats


The THF Sports Complex in Ankara, Türkiye's capital, is a vibrant hub where handball thrives. With a capacity of 2,090 people, it hosts the Turkish Handball Federation and offers accommodation for national teams, fostering excellence and passion for the sport.