Denmark book EHF EURO 2024 ticket; Azerbaijan win; Faroes make history

Filip Mishov
EHF / Filip Mishov

Women’s EHF EURO 2022 runners-up Denmark secured a place at the upcoming tournament in Austria, Hungary and Switzerland, beating Poland in Lublin to become the first nation to book a ticket through the qualifiers. Additionally, teams including Greece, Slovakia, Azerbaijan and Türkiye secured their first wins in the qualifying campaign, while the Faroe Islands celebrated their first-ever win in this stage of the qualifiers.

20240228 LUX FAR Lux Quote
We had expected a defeat, but not in that clear way. We lost with 18 goals to Iceland, and we knew that the Faroe Islands can play on a similar level than their neighbours. The Faroe Islands played with full speed for 60 minutes and were physically much stronger than us. Some of our key players performed below par today, and after a quite good first half, we were tired and caused too many easy mistakes. We were not able to adapt to their speed.
Alexandre Scheubel
Head coach, Luxembourg
20240228 LUX FAR FAR Quote
We are still some steps behind our men’s team, but we have improved. It is our dream to qualify for a major tournament, maybe for the next, maybe in some years. We have a young team with 10 players younger than 20 years, and we have the future ahead. Today we were strong in counter-attacks, but still can play better.
Claus Mogensen
Head coach, Faroe Islands
20240228 POL DEN Michalak Quote
We have made progress and are moving forward. Today's match, which was a close match for a long time, proved that we are a team worth betting on. At the end, there was a bit of a cool head missing. The coach kept telling us to wait until a good position, but that wasn't enough.
Daria Michalak
Left wing, Poland
20240228 HUN SUI Golovin Quote
We played with a good speed throughout the game, however, we had many mistakes in the first half, we were too impatient with the passes. Our defence and the goalkeeping worked well after the half-time break, as well as our line players played good and our fast breaks were effective.
Vlagyimir Golovin
Head coach, Hungary
20240228 HUN SUI Joa Quote
We fought good in the first half, Hungary is a strong team for our level. In the second half, Hungary won almost every one-against-one situation, but this match was about learning for us.
Knut Ove Joa
Head coach, Switzerland
20240228 NOR AUT Hergeirsson Quote
This was an up-tempo match where we made some good counter attacks as we planned to. Both of our goalkeepers played well. We also changed players during the match, and it did not affect the rhythm of our play.
Thorir Hergeirsson
Head coach, Norway
20240228 NOR AUT Tijsterman Quote
We hoped to play better, but they played too fast for us. I have only had three days with the team and that is too little to make changes. But I am happy with some parts of the match, but we have to make it better when we face them on Sunday.
Monique Tijsterman
Head coach, Austria

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