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EHF European League

Home teams take the victories in Sunday ELW action

EHF / Ida Hummeluhr

The third round of EHF European League has been completed where Nykøbing Falster and Pratiker-Vác were able to celebrate their first victories in the group phase - in Denmark it was a safe victory, while in Hungary there was tension until the end.

Tonight's matches in groups C and D also offered victories for the home teams, Sola and Thüringer, who could therefore be happy with important points on the account.


Nykøbing Falster Håndbold (DEN) vs HC Podravka Vegeta (CRO) 28:23 (12:10)

After the first whistle, Podravka Vegeta immediately brought themself to the front. With a lead of 2:1 to the away team, however, things started to go the other way for the visitors. Before the Croatians could look back, the Danes took a 4:2 lead, and from here it went one way.

At half time there was a narrow lead for Nykøbing Falster (12:10), and this lead was extended from here to the final result (28:23).

The guests - and especially Larissa Kalaus - did what they could. The winger scored eight goals and was the match's top scorer overall. From the winning team, Cecilie Greve was one of the great successes, as she managed to get 12 saves on 33 shots (36.36 per cent).

Sola HK (NOR) vs DVSC Schaeffler (HUN) 30:25 (19:13)

The Norwegian team got the best start in the evening on Sunday, and quickly got off the ground well. The difference from the start lay mainly in goalkeeper Rinka Duijndam, who after 19 minutes of play and a score of 12:7 had a save percentage of 46.15 per cent.

Sola HK continued the good pace through the next period and did not look back in the second half against Hungarian DVSC.

The save percentage from the first half became difficult for the Hungarians to compete against as the overall save percentage for the Norwegians ended up at 48 per cent, ensuring a safe victory in the end.

We played a very good first period, from start to half-time. In second half we used some time to find out of the defence for Schaeffler, but when we did. we got to find (our way) back to our own game and get a good goal difference in the end.
Steffen Stormo Stegavik
Sola HK Head Coach


Pratiker-Vác (HUN) vs Paris 92 (FRA) 27:26 (13:11)

From the beginning of the match the two teams started on equal terms with the first goal scored by Pratiker-Vác player Nikolett Marincsák followed by a goal from Paris 92 player Alice Mazens.

From here, the Hungarians were constantly one step ahead of the French, who were struggling to hang on. Towards the half, goals were exchanged to a great extent continuously, and here it was still the home team that had the upper hand after half time of the game.

On the resumption of the match things continued as close as before. However, the Hungarians managed to keep the one-goal lead despite the great play by Laura Flippes, who delivered nine goals in just 10 attempts.

I'm very satisfied with the result and our victory in the European League. I'm totally proud of my team. We defeated a good team with a lot of good and skilled players. Congrats to all of my players and thanks for the support to our super fans.
Herbert Gábor
Praktiker-Vác Head Coach

Thüringer HC (GER) vs SCM Ramnicu Valcea (ROM) 38:31 (19:16)

The guests of the second match in group D this Sunday, SCM Ramnicu Valcea, were flying in the sky from the beginning.

With a lead of 3:0 after the first almost four minutes, there was a good atmosphere on the Romanian bench. The good run continued, and after a good 21 minutes of play there was a four-goal lead from the visitors, who were in front the entire time.

Shortly before half-time, the Germans were winning the game and went to the break with a three-goal lead (19:16). A convincing half for the home team resulted in a convincing victory, with Annika Lott delivering 9 goals in front of the excited crowd plus an exceptional save percentage of 42.86 per cent from Irma Schjött.

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